What We Want


Look at our sold items and see what our customers buy.  From Watches to Waverunners—we want items that new owners will be thrilled to get.

We also want local items our customers make with their tools.


What does men's Exchange Accept?


Men's Exchange is about men's stuff.  Items that men want in various areas of their lives.  Men's Exchange is offering the things men may want or need at a price that they can fit into their budget.


Work.  High quality used tools.  Men that work with their tools need long lasting quality.  Both collectable and useful tools.


Man Cave.  From bar signs to pinball machines anything that goes into the man cave goes at Men's Exchange.


Living Room.  Are you allowed in?  Men need flat screen TVs, high end stereo systems, and a nice guitar on a stand, plus a little table for drinks and magazines.


Kitchen:  Think Bar.


Bedroom:  Dresser top items,


Art:  Think home bar, Man Cave, and art.


Den:  Music, billiards,


Garage:  Anything that relates to a car, except old parts of stuff.


Outdoor Life:  Binoculars to hip waders, fishing poles, boats, canoes, kayaks.  If you were going to throw it out- go ahead.


Personal:  Cool hats, only the best in watches, jewelry, pocket knives.  We can appraise gold and silver for sale.


Workshop:  Anything and everything a man needs in his toolbox up to a complete cabinet makers workshop, the bigger the better.


Landscaping:  Anything that runs well to maintain a property including lawn maintenance, building maintenance etc.  Gas motors must start easily  or the are rejected.


Electronics: From video games to computers.  Must be under five years old unless it is high end stereo. No tube TVs


Music:  Music soothes the savage, guitars, guitar amps and all other things that make music,  Speakers, Ipods, turntables.




What we don't want:  parts of things, left over material from construction.  Anything like  a chandelier or toilet.  We are not a junk shop.

Never think we don’t have space for your item, we sell over 1000 items per month.

Our Major Categories:


Tools Tools Tools

Water Sports Equipment—Kayaks, canoes, boats


Flat Screen TV’s


Video Gaming

Very Recent Computer Hardware/software

Electronics—Home and Car

Computers under 4 years old

Sports Equipment

Sports memorabilia

Musical Instruments—Sound Systems

High End Stereo and Video—tube is good

Yard Stuff—pool stuff—pond stuff

Outdoor Equipment

Motorcycle Gear—Brand goods, Leathers etc.

Men’s jewelry, watches and curios*

Briefcases and business aids

Gold, precious and ordinary metal*