How to Consign with Men’s Exchange®

Men’s Exchange® is a buying and selling club.  Commissions on your account can be used as credit to buy something you need or receive payouts.


Membership is free.


Each item is handled as follows:


Must be accepted and brought in clean, safe and running.


Each item must have the following info written on it in permanent marker by the member.

1.       Member Number

2.       Date consigned

3.       Price






A sales tag (supplied) must also be filled out attached with same information.* Store is not responsible for product left unidentified.


Member should make a list of items consigned.*  Low price Items are not inventoried  by Men’s Exchange until sold.  Use this form.


Items over $60 must be given an item number.  List them on a consignment form and wait for the number to be assigned before you leave store.


Members are required to locate and retrieve their Unsold items for return after 60 days. Items become property of the store after 75 days.


Member Commissions are available as store credits until a request for cash payment is made.  Check is then processed and mailed out.




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